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Mini Golf



Q: Do you take reservations?

A: No. We work on a walk-up, first come, first serve basis.

Q: I know you don't take reservations but then how does it work?

A: Show up when you are wanting to play. Groups of more than 5 will be split. We will typically stagger the starting hole for each sub-group of golfers. You can pay for your tickets at the register and then you may need to wait until the first hole is cleared to begin. The average wait time is less than 10 minutes to start. If the front 9 holes are packed then you may be able to start on the back 9 and finish the front 9 after. You may still need to wait at certain holes for them to clear of other golfers.

Q: Do I need to purchase tickets online?

A: Nope! We offer online tickets because many people like the feeling of having tickets already paid for ahead of time. Tickets purchased through our website will never expire. We do not "sell out" of tickets either online or at the register so don't worry about not getting a ticket.

Q: I purchased tickets online, now what?

A: Bring your confirmation email (on your phone or printed) to the register on the day of your outing. Show the cashier your order number. If you purchased discounted tickets you will be required to show necessary documents at the register or will be charged the difference. These tickets never expire.

Q: Do you accept cash?

A: Yes. We are one of the few companies left out there who still believe that cash is OK!

Q: Are there bathrooms there?

A: We do not have bathrooms inside the miniature golf area but there are port-a-potty toilets on the east side of the playground (a minute walk away) or full-service bathrooms inside the Fieldhouse (about a 3 minute walk away). See the map under "visitor info" page for more.

Q: What's the parking situation? Do you have a parking lot?

A: There is no parking on site. We don't have a parking lot since we are inside the actual park. Your best bet is to Uber or take a taxi. If you need to drive you will want to use the Millennium Garages and park on the Lakeside Garages side of the parking garage. For pricing and directions you can Google Millennium Garages or use our "visitor info" page.

Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: We know that many of you find outdoor activities can be more fun with a cold beverage, however, alcohol is not allowed anywhere inside Maggie Daley Park (unless it is a private event). Please have your drinks before or after your visit to the park.

Q: Do you allow dogs?

A: Although we love your cute furry friends, Maggie Daley Park does not allow dogs inside the park. They will need to stay at home. The only exception are service dogs.

Q: Can I bring food or non-alcoholic drinks on the course?

A: You betcha! In fact, Rink Cafe is located a short 1 minute walk down the sidewalk to the north of our course. They sell hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers, ice cream, slushies, and an assortment of other food and beverage items if you didn't want to bring your own. Please just clean up your mess!

Q: Do you do events or host large groups?

A: Yes. We love helping large groups have a good time. If you think you are going to show up with a large group (we consider large being more than 25 golfers) please send us an email using our contact form to figure out more details and discounted pricing.

Q: Is your course handicap accessible?

A: It sure is! A couple holes may be a little wonky to play from a wheelchair (only because you will need to line up strictly on the left side of the hole) but all holes are playable and enjoyable for all individuals.

Q: Is my child old enough to play?

A: If they are old enough to walk then we can help them get in on the fun. Children 4 and under pay their age with any paid admission (i.e. four year olds pay $4, three year olds pay $3) and we have different sized clubs for different sized children and adults. We just ask that you don't leave your children behind (our lost and found is only so big) and that you ensure your child is not holding up other groups and abiding by our course rules.

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